Our Mission

Our mission is to provide local people that experience disadvantage within the labour market high quality opportunities for training, development and sustainable employment, while promoting wider community benefit and contributing to community well-being.


Customer First

Our Aspire standards set out the way in which customers can expect us to deliver our services. Everyone who works with Aspire must sign up to these standards and are given training and development to help them maintain them.


Robust governance

Our team is governed by an ambitious Board of Directors who are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organisation. Our employment and staff handbooks highlight how our employment policies seek to build team working, peer support and employee retention within our organisation. You can read about these here

Strict finance

Invoicing promptly and being paid on time are critical to our success. You can see copies of our last three year’s annual reports 2013 2014 2014.


We are committed to promoting equality and diversity, addressing the disadvantages caused by inter-sectional and all forms of discrimination.

Environmental Impact

We have a responsibility to minimise our environmental impact while maximising our social impact. 

Health and safety

We have robust health and safety risk assessment in place and clear health and safety and risk management systems which are regularly reviewed. We always take two.

Safety Standards

Our standards

We plan our work systematically always thinking about health and safety and maintaining the Aspire Standard.

We take responsibility for working in a way that promotes ours and others’ health and safety.

We always take time to think through any safety precautions whenever we start on site.

We talk openly about any health and safety concerns and always raise these with our supervisors.

We take two.

Taking Two

Our finances