Bulk & rubbish removal

We provide proactive waste removal services removing bulk from estates without the need for this to be reported to us by housing officers. This helps to ensure that estates are cleaner and crime free.

We also provide ad hoc collection services. We aim to recycle over 90% of what we collect. We’re currently on the look out to find more ways of promoting community reuse and are actively seeking partners who can support us.

Dealing with

Leaving properties empty is a waste. Our void service recognises that it can be a difficult job to clean and tidy in such circumstances.  From compulsive hoarding to gross filth, our team is fully trained in dealing with the worst cases. 

We focus on getting the property usable and safe in the shortest possible time so that you can provide somebody with a new home and future. This service is available in and out of office hours.


We work in collaboration with stakeholders to provide a sensitive approach to tackling the individual and community issues associated with compulsive hoarding which can lead to social isolation and loneliness, anxiety and depression for the hoarder. Where residents are hoarders landlords can carry additional risk such as the possibility of the hoarder harming themselves accidentally or because of the increased likelihood of risk to others through additional risks of fire, pest infection or blocked drains, for example.

Emergency same day services available on demand.

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